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Guest Appearances on Podcasts

Our director Gabrielle Crichlow has been talking us up on other podcasts (as well as talking about her personal experiences and having some fun)! Listen to them here.

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"Follow Me Friday" YouTube Channel

In this episode, Dani Marie (the host) interviews Gabrielle. Gabrielle discusses starting our company to help students, as she was helped as a child. Growing up, she loved tutoring and building relationships with her students. After attending an entrepreneurship event at her church, she was inspired to turn her passion into a business. However, she faced challenges reaching low-income families and students of color, who often lacked resources. As the owner, she works to make education more accessible and affordable. She sees many academic issues linked to income level, rather than race. Schools in poorer neighborhoods tend to be overcrowded with less funding and support. Gabrielle aims to help fill gaps, through programs, tutoring, and advising parents on advocating for their children's needs. Her goal is empowering youth through accessible opportunities to learn and succeed.

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"The Mike Wagner Show" Podcast

In this episode, Mike Wagner (the host) interviews Gabrielle. Gabrielle shares her journey of starting our company and discusses the challenges she faced along the way. She talks about the academic struggles faced by working-class families in African-American, Hispanic, and South Asian communities and how she saw a need for more tutoring help in these communities. Gabrielle also highlights her academic excellence and her experience in the education field. She emphasizes the importance of making a difference in students' lives and shares how she got A Step Ahead Tutoring Services started.

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"Prepper Queen" YouTube Channel

In this episode, Erin Cotter (the host) interviews Gabrielle, a survivor of Hurricane Sandy that struck New York City in 2012. Gabrielle shares her story of being caught off guard by the storm's severity and the devastating flooding that damaged her home. She discusses the challenges of living without essential utilities and relying on Airbnb for temporary shelter. This episode emphasizes the importance of preparedness for natural disasters and sheds light on the impact they have on people's lives. It also mentions the role of organizations like FEMA and Airbnb in providing support to those affected. Overall, this episode highlights the resilience of individuals and communities in the face of natural disasters.

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"The Mod Co" Podcast

In this episode, Angel Wilborn (the host) and Gabrielle discuss the significance of organization and planning. They stress the importance of accessible educational resources and share their own organizational habits. Starting small and developing habits over time is emphasized, as well as the idea that organizing for others can be easier than organizing for oneself. Mental health and organization are also explored, highlighting how one's mental state can impact their living space and how organization can improve mental health. Gabrielle provides tips for staying organized, such as using Google Calendar and creating designated areas for items in the home. This episode promotes our services and podcast, while emphasizing the positive impact of organization on personal growth and surroundings.

"Raising Grace" Podcast

In this episode, Gabrielle discusses the importance of accessible education and the positive impact of tutoring with Sheila K Chester (the host). Gabrielle shares her personal experience and emphasizes personalized attention and encouragement for students. The conversation also covers the challenges of the pandemic, the need for adaptability in education, and the role of technology. This episode highlights the significance of making education accessible, the involvement of parents in supporting their children's education, and addresses issues like peer pressure and accountability. Overall, it emphasizes collaboration among parents, tutors, and educators for students' growth.

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"Pop Culture Makes Me Jealous" Podcast

In this episode, Julia Washington (the host) and Gabrielle delve into the portrayal of wealth in popular TV shows like "Gilmore Girls" and "Queen Sugar." They shed light on the racial disparities in these shows and how wealth is often associated with White characters. The ladies examine the difficulties of raising a child without parental wealth and navigating the education and college systems. They also discuss the hierarchy within the wealthiest class and the role of wealth and privilege in accessing opportunities. This episode emphasizes the significance of recognizing how media perpetuates social inequalities through its portrayal of wealth and privilege. It offers insights into the financial challenges faced by single mothers and the struggles of students in the education system. Overall, the episode encourages discussions about money, equity, and the influence of the media on perceptions of wealth and race.

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"Listen Up Listen In" Podcast

In this episode, Preezy (the host) and Gabrielle discuss the educational disparities faced by low-income families. Gabrielle shares her experiences working with tutoring companies that offered free services to predominantly African-American, Hispanic, and South Asian families in New York City. She founded our company to provide more personalized support to these students. This episode explores the systemic issues contributing to educational disparities, including inadequate funding for schools in low-income areas. It emphasizes the need for collaboration between educators, parents, and the government to address these challenges. Gabrielle also discusses our services, including test prep and college counseling, and addresses common mental health issues among our students, such as depression and anxiety. This episode highlights the importance of accessible education, breaking generational cycles, and promoting personal growth.

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"The Thinking Project" Podcast

In this episode, Gabrielle shares her journey from being a part-time tutor to starting our company with Dalton Jensen (the host). She highlights the value of personalized tutoring services and the benefits of having a smaller team. Gabrielle also discusses how she incorporates mental health techniques into her tutoring to help students succeed, particularly in cases of underdiagnosed ADHD. The conversation then shifts to our podcast (then called a web series), Hot Topics!, which Gabrielle started as a result of connecting with other entrepreneurs during the pandemic. This episode provides valuable insights into the journey of an entrepreneur, the importance of building relationships, and the significance of adapting to new information when tutoring children with learning disabilities.

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"The Road to Rediscovery" Podcast

In this episode, Aubrey Johnson (the host) and Gabrielle discuss how Gabrielle adapted our company to the virtual world during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, tutors would visit students' homes, but now all sessions are virtual. Gabrielle had to learn online tools like Zoom and be more supervisory in managing collaboration between tutors and students. The importance of adaptability and resilience in the face of challenges is emphasized. The episode ends with a segment where Gabrielle answers three thought-provoking questions in five words or less.

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