Our Sponsors

We want to acknowledge our sponsors for their contributions to our little company. We appreciate you!


Kidault is a car service specifically designed with parents and their children in mind. We offer newborn transportation from the hospital to home, to doctors appointments, mommy-and-me classes, or anywhere around town. Don’t have a car seat? Kidault’s vehicles have at least one convertible car seat in every vehicle. We offer school transportation and carpools to school as well.

Look Who's Talking

Get an early start exposing your child to language through songs, play, and language development techniques with certified speech-language pathologists! Use learned techniques from the class to enhance your child's communication skills in their everyday environment. Virtual classes and private speech/language teletherapy services are available now!

Elona Lopari Coaching

Their mission is to make coaching available and affordable for all women. Their vision is to empower all women to master a leader's mindset in life. They fulfill their mission and vision by providing coaching services in career, business, personal life, and parenting.


NORY is a leading STEM enrichment provider serving children ages 3 to 12 years old. At NORY, we offer a truly immersive learning experience. Here, kids are scientists and engineers. They use real materials and tools, such as circuits and hot glue guns, to complete robotic projects and solve engineering design challenges. Also, kids learn that trying and failing is part of the process and is something to be celebrated.



College4U Online Learning Center is designed to provide individuals from all walks of life with the enlightenment of resources by re-shaping the college narrative and highlighting the college experience holistically. We focus on entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and higher education.


Their mission is to change the lives of women everywhere by offering to help  them have "pain-free" and more comfortable periods. Switching to an all-natural feminine product is a healthier alternative. We want women to be able to go about their daily lives uninterrupted, and not have to suffer in silence for several days out of every month. 

Cherish is an all-natural premium sanitary napkin. It eliminates cramps and minimizes odors and leaks.

Cassiscreative by Cassandra Dyer

Cassandra Dyer offers a few design services on her website such as Instagram Highlight design, planner design, flyer design, book cover design, and more. She’s also a self-published author. She has recently released an eBook discussing the ins and outs of self publishing along with sharing tips.

Your Computer Needs of Toledo LLC August

Your Computer Needs of Toledo, LLC

Your Computer Needs of Toledo, LLC is an African-American woman-owned limited liability company that is celebrating year 15 of the motto "Computer Training & MORE That Comes To You!" Due to COVID-19, the company provides at this time only online and e-mobile computer training and consulting services. The company also as an Authorized Amazon Influencer. They sell computers and accessories online.  

Online and e-mobile trainings offered during COVID-19 include basic computer literacy, keyboarding/typing, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, and Publisher. Products (all online) include free industry trade publications, video marketing, and Internet research reports. Additional services include public speaking, workshops/seminars, virtual training, virtual consulting, virtual assistance, and conference/convention assistance.

Long Island Problem Gambling Resource Center

The Long Island Problem Gambling Resource Center is dedicated to helping those struggling with problem gambling to find treatment and resources. Their goal is to assist in the positive transformation of lives that are harmed by problem gambling. This vision of transformation includes individuals as well as their families and communities. With a focus on supporting the individual and reducing barriers to care, the Long Island Problem Gambling Resource Center is truly the premier organization providing problem gambling services for both Suffolk and Nassau Counties (in Long Island, NY). Learn more at www.nyproblemgambling.org.

Lamour Life Empowerment

Lamour Life Empowerment is operated by Stephanie Lamour. She is a spiritual wellness coach; as one of her many duties, she teaches people strategies and principles for gaining divine success from everyday challenges. She also creates and facilitates workshops that promote mental, emotional, and spiritual growth for adults, children, and adolescents.

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